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'Attar Management and Investments' Your Family Office

What We Do

Attar Management and Investments offers comprehensive Family Office services for Israel's wealthy families. Attar's wealth management expertise has been used with great success for many years gaining the company a reputation for efficiency, reliability and transparency. Our clients enjoy a long term, professional relationship hallmarked by first rate management and supervision of all their financial assets, carried out with complete and total discretion. All of our activities are based on our extensive and deep knowledge of the financial markets. Each and every client enjoys a unique package of financial services and investments, tailor made to suit his portfolio and demands. Effective and safe wealth management and asset distribution must be approached carefully and with thought. This principal lies behind our management of your portfolio and lays a firm foundation for a long term relationship. Because we place our clients' interests at the forefront, we zealously preserve our status as an independent company. We are totally dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients! A warm, personal relationship, availability, total transparency and uncompromising professionalism – these are just some of the values that guide us in all of our activities. These are the values that have made us the leading firm in the area of wealth management!


The company's services, desiged for those with personal or family assets of 50 million dollars or more include:
  • Investments and Financial Management – Creating an investment strategy that meets the needs of the client and the family's capital structure; In-depth analysis of the investment portfolio, defining an investment policy, investment consultation, profitability studies, asset allocation, producing regular and special reports, risk management, evaluating performance and a regular working relationship with all financial and business elements.
  • Taxation – In cooperation with expert, independent tax consultants and accountants, we will assist and advise clients in all matters relating to tax report, international taxation and avoidance of double taxation.
  • Inheritance – Working closely with the client, Inheritance lawyers and professional consultants, we help prepare a Last Will and Testament.
  • Report Preparation – We prepare client reports required by the Bank of Israel in accordance with existing laws.
  • Representation - We represent the client and manage negotiations with financial institutions and business organizations.
  • Trust Funds - We introduce our clients to Trust Fund bodies both in Israel and abroad whilst working closely with them and providing consultation to help set up their trust funds.
  • Financial Agreements – Working directly with the family and external legal advisors, we develop individual financial agreements such as pre-nuptial financial agreements.
  • Wealth and Succession Planning – Financial and business education for the family's second and third generations. Planning, preservation and asset transfer within the family unit.

Who we are

Attar Managements and Investments is an independent Multi-Client Family Office in Israel. Established in 2001.We are proud to deliver a high quality of services and reliability to our clients for over 10 years of success.

Ran Attar, CEO

  • Extensive experience managing wealth.
  • Extensive experience as a Chief Financial Officer in several high-tech companies.
  • Over 10 years of experience working with large accountant firm both in Israel and the US.
  • Holds Israeli CPA Certificate.
  • Holds Israeli Investment Advisor License.

Anat Attar

  • Extensive experience as a Chief Financial Officer with several high-tech companies.
  • Over 6 years of experience working with large bank in Israel.
  • MBA, Bar Ilan University.
  • Holds Israeli Investment Advisor License.


62 Sokolov St.
Israel ,47235.